Established on August 31, 2018, Better Woman Better Wife is a non-profit organization committed to advancing nursing education and fostering the future of the nursing profession. Our scholarship program aims to provide vital financial support for students, covering tuition, books, and academic fees.

OUR VISION: We firmly believe in the profound impact nurses have on our communities and the world. Therefore, our vision is to alleviate the financial strain of rising tuition costs, reduce student loans, and support junior and senior nursing students by offering essential financial assistance.

OUR MISSION: With a looming shortage of registered nurses, our scholarships play a crucial role in enabling nursing students to graduate on time and seamlessly transition into the nursing workforce. Our immediate mission is to award a $2000 scholarship each trimester throughout the calendar year. We aspire to increase this amount to $5000 per trimester, relying on the generosity of our donors.

Every donation you make goes directly to a deserving student at a local nursing school. Your support empowers future nurses as they strive to make a positive impact on our communities.

Join us in turning this dream into reality!